Discover Slovenia-Bled #HotelRibno

My first destination for my project discovers my home country SLOVENIA.

This weekend I had a pleasure to visit our beautiful Bled. It’s known for its beautiful lake and our only island in Slovenia. Also beautiful nature, and Kremšnita (Slovenian dessert)…just to name a few things. It was a relaxed weekend, full of hiking around, riding a bike around the lake and relaxing in the middle of the woods, taking in all the sunshine.


My view from Osojnica

We spent 2 nights in the amazing hotel Ribno..near by the Bled. The hotel is located near the forest, which makes this place really relaxing and peaceful. The room was really nice, but the best part is the big balcony surrounded with trees and the sun.IMG_7268

The breakfast is really nice, and the people working there were really sweet and helpful too. We had a chance to rent a bike there too, which was amazing because it’s the easiest way to get to places and also nature and roads are amazing just to drive around by its self. The center of Bled was a 20min ride for example. Also, the surrounding of the hotel is amazing fo playing sports, hike or just chill on a bench and have an amazing view.  They also have a small wellness, where you can get a massage or have some romantic time with your loved one in the jacuzzi after a long day, walking and exploring the nature.IMG_7173

The thing that I really liked about staying in this hotel and why would I recommend it to my friends is because it’s not located in the city, it’s not crowded and loud. You can really get a relaxing time there. They are also the part of the project ECO-friendly, and I can appreciate that. So if you want to spend a relaxing weekend, doing sports, exploring the nature, hiking or having a picnic, etc. hotel Ribno is a place to be.FullSizeRender (2)

Now, wait for the best part, next to the hotel you can go GLAMping. It’s a new thing, part of the hotel Ribno. Cute, tree houses, with a small jacuzzi in the middle of the forest. What a dream! The pictures are amazing but in person it looks really interesting and beautiful. Next time I’m visiting Bled I’m gonna 100%  stay in the GLAMping Ribno tree houses. Sadly, they were full this time…which is totally obvious why. But the hotel Ribno was amazing too.  I’m just going through the pics and thinking about what an amazing weekend it was.


Bled is a really beautiful place to visit in Slovenia, you can eat good, you can hike and drive a bike around…you can really relax and appreciate life there. If you are visiting Slovenia and you want to jump into the nature fairytale visit Bled and stay in Hotel Ribno or catch a reservation of Glamping Ribno. I will leave the rest to the pics I took, and also all the links will be below. If you want to know more about Bled visit:

and if you want to have a beautiful experience staying there check out the .
or if you are a GLAMping type of person then:

I want to say thank you to the Ribno Hotel and everyone there, for having me. It was a really nice weekend, because of you. I recommend them 100% 😀
Enjoy the pics and until my next trip around Slovenia. RR
Don’t forget to try Kremšnita tho! 😀 IMG_7229


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